Monday, October 3, 2016

PK Synopsis on Cultured Meat

"Meet Cultured Meat: the other low hanging fruit"

The Problem: Meat production causes as much GHG production as automobiles.  It destroys our forests, pollutes our water and makes us fat.  Oh yeah, and meat production is mean, too.  Yet, meat production is set to increase by 50% before 2030.

Possible Solutions
?  People refuse to eat less meat and India and China are eating  more bovine musculus than ever. A meat tax won't work because of the farm lobby and  land intensive organic/"happy" meat is even worse for climate change than factory farms.

Meet Cultured Meat: Cultured meat, often referred to as in vitro meat or vat meat, is a way of growing meat through the  use of tissue engineering in clean laboratories, rather than on farm.  Because it's made in a lab it can be low in fat as you want.  Also, there is a lower risk of the food borne illness that are prevalent in factory farms.  It's cleaner for water and air too, and compared to conventional meat production, emits less GHG by 80% and  60% less water pollution.  Cultured meat is better for your heart and well, for the animals' hearts, too. 

So what's the catch?  The biggest problem is the lack of  R & D funding, which all goes to the well-connected livestock industry.  The other problem is that  people think cultured meat is gross.  For me, it's a matter of perspective.  Once I take a look at this picture of the Baconator and the man who ate one too many of said Baconators, all of a sudden cultured meat doesn't seem too bad.

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